A Guppy Collaboration For Success

The Executive Team

Board of Directors

Anthony Wood – Founder, Shareholder & Board Director
Neil Petrie – Co-Founder, Shareholder & Board Director
Grant Price – Shareholder, Managing Director & Company Secretary
Daryl Guppy – Shareholder & Board Director ( )
Ryan Guppy – Shareholder & Board Director

Board Advisors

Colin Gray – Shareholder & Board Advisor
Neil Barnett – Board Advisor & Financial Director Designate

The Executive Team In Detail

Anthony Wood
– Founder, Shareholder, Board Director & Chief Technology Architect ANTSSYS Limited

  • ANTSSYS Product Architect
  • Studied software development & electronics at college
  • Set up and run a successful Digital Print and Design company for over 10 years
  • 2002 Started trading on the US Stock Market
  • 2006 started day-trading Forex leveraging the results of the major economic data reports
  • Secured consistently high levels of profit & asked to trade funds on behalf of a small group of personal contacts
  • Researched the works of Daryl Guppy and his ‘Guppy Multiple Moving Average’ (‘GMMA’) trading concept
  • GMMA used to increase trading performance leading to development of a proprietary multiple moving average (MMA) algorithm
  • MMA algorithm subsequently translated into a suite of 7 proprietary charting indicators
  • January 2014 incorporated ANTSSYS Limited with Neil Petrie (see below)
  • Late 2014 instrumental in the technical launch of the ‘ANTS SuperGuppy Indicator Suite’ on eSignal’s charting platform

Neil Petrie – Co-Founder, Shareholder & Board Director

  • ANTSSYS Head of Sales, Community Development & Support
  • Joined IBM in Technical Sales role managing major brand accounts
  • Joined Microsoft as National Project Leader for MOLP volume licensing programme
  • After 10 years in tech sector switched focus to sell high valuation movable assets to major corporations
  • 2009 Neil started trading as an enthusiastic but disciplined amateur
  • 2013 Neil met Anth via their common interests as Traders
  • Late 2013 Neil introduced the ANTS Suite to Daryl Guppy, securing his endorsement and support
  • January 2014 incorporated ANTSSYS Limited with Anth (see above)
  • Late 2014 instrumental in the technical launch of the ‘ANTS SuperGuppy Indicator Suite’ on eSignal’s charting platform

Grant Price – Shareholder, Managing Director & Company Secretary ANTSSYS Limited

  • ANTSSYS Managing Director, Commercial Lead & Head of Marketing, Operations & Finance
  • Responsibilities at ANTSSYS include operations, licensing strategy, business development & structuring of legal and commercial terms with new partners
  • Background in software licensing, business development, strategic alliances, operations (finance and legal) and advisory board consultant to early stage technology companies
  • Extensive experience partnering with fast growth technology companies to develop & execute plans for profitable growth
  • Expertise in Business Plan creation, Fund Raising, Technology Licensing, Sales Channel Development & Business Development
  • Additional experience in Financial Planning, Contract Development, Contract Negotiation & Strategic Alliances
  • 1999 co-founded GlobalServe Inc. (, US based Technology Supply Chain Management company
  • Secured US$11.5 in VC funding & extended service & solution delivery to major international corporations across 90+ countries
  • Gained extensive experience of legal practices governing both technology licensing and business contract law
  • (developed, negotiated and implemented contracts with major international corporations covering 90+ countries)
  • 2003 founded Bizantec Ltd mentoring & providing Fund Raising, Business Planning & Marketing support to early stage businesses
  • March 2014 joined ANTSSYS as Managing Director & Company Secretary
  • Late 2014 instrumental in closing the commercial deal with eSignal for the launch of the ‘ANTS SuperGuppy Indicator Suite’

Daryl Guppy – Shareholder, Expert Advisor & Director ANTSSYS Limited

  • ANTSSYS spokesman and conference speaker
  • Daryl Guppy appears regularly on CNBC Asia and is known as "The Chart Man". He is an equity and derivatives trader and author of many books including Share Trading, Market Trading Tactics, Snapshot Trading, Better Stock Trading, Trend Trading and The 36 Strategies of The Chinese For Financial Traders.
  • Director Guppytraderscom Pty Ltd
  • Offices in Australia, Singapore, Beijing
  • International conference speaker and educator
  • Retained by several companies to advise of China market penetration strategies
  • Advisor to Government on China engagement strategies
  • Director of conference events Asia/China
  • Consultant to DZH Asia, a subsidiary of DZH China
  • Daryl Guppy is a contributor for financial magazines and media including:
  • 'Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities' magazine.
  • A weekly column on CNBC Asia website
  • A weekly column in Shanghai Security News
  • 'Active Trader'.
  • 'Your Trading Edge'.
  • The Singapore and Malaysian business weekly, 'TheEdge'.
  • 'Weekly on Stocks' in China. (Mandarin only) is an international financial market education and training organization with offices in Darwin, Singapore and Beijing. They provide independent education, training, analysis and resources for retail and professional financial market traders involved in stocks, CFD’s, warrants, derivatives, futures and commodities since 1996.
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Ryan Guppy – Shareholder, Trade Advisor & Director ANTSSYS Limited

  • ANTSSYS support, system assistance and marketing
  • Director Guppytraderscom Pty Ltd
  • Systems verification and integration of additional Guppy methods and concepts into ANTSSYS
  • Responsible for directing Guppytraders company FX and Index trading
  • Chart analysis and trade strategy development
  • Support and organise conference events Asia/China
  • Developed marketing concepts for financial events in Asia
  • Contributor for company financial publications and educational newsletters
  • Editing and production of three Guppy weekly and tri-weekly publications.
  • Customer service supervisor
  • Company back-office operations supervisor.

Colin Gray – Shareholder & Board Advisor ANTSSYS Limited

  • ANTSSYS Shareholder & Board Advisor
  • VP level commercial leader and head of sales for early stage companies with B2B focus, seasoned in both direct and indirect sales
  • Hands-on sales strategist and negotiator, seasoned in growing technology companies
  • Extensive background in sales and business leadership in the technology sector
  • Started his career in computer hardware, software and services & B2B sales
  • Accelerated climb through the sales leadership ranks of Thorn EMI, Toshiba & Info’Products
  • Late 1990’s re-focused career to target rapidly evolving IT security solutions market
  • Joined the Board of several early stage US technology start-ups as head of Sales for EMEA
  • Managed 3 companies from embryonic sales channel development through to successful IPO or trade exit for
  • Currently Non-Executive Director and board advisor to a number of early-stage software and services companies
  • Vice President & General Manager, Europe, Middle East & Africa, for Arbor Networks
  • July 2014 joined ANTSSYS Ltd Advisory Board

Neil Barnett – Board Advisor & Financial Director Designate ANTSSYS Limited

  • ANTSSYS Financial Director Designate
  • Chartered Management Accountant
  • FD Designate responsible for ANTSSYS Financial Governance
  • Experience and expertise in :
  • Management accounting
  • Financial governance
  • Complex financial modelling
  • Fund raising and company flotation
  • A Commercial / Finance Director with strategic, operational and corporate development experience gained in blue-chip and VC/PE backed entrepreneurial ventures across multiple sectors and international operations.
  • He has a track record of working in partnership with investors, boards and senior management teams to drive value through challenging business models, developing financially robust commercial solutions and executing corporate development initiatives.
  • He trained as a Chartered Accountant with a ‘Big 4’ background and is a hands-on, driven individual able to demonstrate strategic vision coupled with an attention to detail.
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