A Guppy Collaboration For Success

What We Do

ANTSSYS is the developer and intellectual property owner of the ‘ANTS SuperGuppy Indicator Suite’

A product used to generate chart indicator signals representing principles of Daryl Guppy’s GMMA trading concept and designed to help traders identify the convergence of a range of specific conditions against which to conduct trades according to their personal trading strategy.

Daryl Guppy is a widely respected market trader, author, columnist and father of the Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) concept for trading with trend

Daryl Guppy and have an extensive community of followers globally and a particularly strong brand equity throughout Asia, Australasia and Greater China regions.

Daryl Guppy has brand and personal influence in the financial sectors and trading institutions across Asia where he also acts as a consultant to governments and major financial institutions.

Daryl is a shareholder and Board Director of ANTSSYS Ltd, a partner in evolution of the ANTS Suite and a key introducer for ANTSSYS into the company’s target markets.
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