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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: July 04, 2014, 10:35:12 PM »
Q1)   I am not getting any ANTS appearing even though the indicator has been added to the chart?
Answer)   First, check the Tick/Pip Size setting matches the chart
1 pip GBPUSD = 0.0001
1 pip EURJPY = 0.01
1 point YM = 1   

Second, check the filter settings, if a filter is turned on, make sure the parameters are correct for the chart timeframe settings etc.

Third, the ANTS can take a while to appear initially as it has to process through the historic data on the   chart that it is working on and therefore should appear once the calculations have finished.

Q2)   The ANTS Zone is not appearing even though the indicator has been added to the chart?
Answer)   Check the Value/Multiple setting matches the chart
e.g.    10 pip above / 10 pip below the EMA on GBPUSD = 0.001
   10 pip above / 10 pip below the EMA on EURJPY = 0.1
   10 points above / 10 points below the EMA on YM = 10

Q3)   Can ANTS be used on any chart or timeframe?
Answer)   Yes indeed, any asset class, any timeframe. The parameters would need adjusting depending on the chart the ANTS are used on.

Q4)   Do I need to know GMMA before I trade with ANTS?

Answer)   No, but it would be an advantage to learn the GMMA principles as this, once understood, will clearly define the trend and changes in trend. This helps in deciding which trades to take and which to leave alone.

Q5)   ANTS SuperGuppy is a new version of GMMA, are the principles the same as the original?
Answer)    Yes the basic GMMA principles of identifying the trend and changes in trend are exactly the same when using the ANTS SuperGuppy.

Q6)   Is this a Stop and Reverse Strategy?
Answer)   No, the ANTS will fire signals throughout the trend, however, you need to recognize the change in trend and pullbacks by using the SuperGuppy, signals that fire early on in the trend and the initial pullbacks into the SuperGuppy have a higher probability of success.

Q7)   I am not seeing the ADR levels even though the indicator has been added to the chart?
Answer)   Make sure that you have enough historical data loaded on your chart to calculate the ADR.

Q8)   Can ANTS be used on both Time Based and Non Time Based Charts?
Answer)   Yes ANTS will work on all timeframes, Time based or Non Time Based.

Q9)   How do I get more help with the eSignal Platform?
Answer)   Please contact eSignal at http://www.esignal.com/support/esignal/contactus.aspx

Q10)   What are the minimum PC requirements to run eSignal and ANTS?
Answer)   Please check the eSignal web site for Minimum PC Specification Requirements