A Guppy Collaboration For Success


The ANTS SuperGuppy Suite for eSignal comprises 7 key components, all of which are loaded onto the traders screen. These indicators transform the charts from a linear, complex picture to a clear, easy to comprehend story for traders of every level to easily interpret trend and identify the high probability areas to enter a trade.
1 - The SuperGuppy
An evolution of Daryl Guppy’s GMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Average) specially adapted to show trend direction on the chart.

2 - The MA Crossover
An organic development of the ANTS Suite designed to color the price bars in line with the identified direction of trend. This aids the trader visually and reduces visual workload.

3 - The Zone
A clearly defined area drawn on the chart to assist the trader with identifying an optimal trading zone in which to enter trades. This minimizes losses with false signals and maximizes entry position increasing the Reward:Risk ratio.

4 - The ANTS
The small red and green triangles on the chart at the heart of the suite of indicators. Simplified buy and sell signals.

5 - The ADR Levels
This study plots the Average Daily Range of the selected instrument as lines/levels directly on the chart. Range is a key component of probable trend activity. These levels can then be used as targets and to asses the potential Reward:Risk of a given trade.

6 - Traders ATR
Proprietary Guppy original indicator that assists in determining optimal trailing stop loss levels for trade management.

7 - ADR Watch List (eSignal Version Only)
A quick reference table that lists each instrument in order of average daily range.

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