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Access advanced stock & forex charting on your smartphone, tablet, & web browser.

Forex, Equities & Indices

When it comes to charting, data quality is king. ChartIQ is fed by a commercial-quality data feed, with access to US equities, all major indices, and forex pairs. Non-US equities are provided by Yahoo! Finance, allowing you to access almost any stock from around the world.

To find the best trading opportunities, you need the ability to look at any timeframe. ChartIQ not only supports your standard intervals (1/5/15/30 min, 1 hr, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc), but also allows you to view n-minute, n-day, and n-week intervals. With ChartIQ, you can spot the trading opportunities that others miss.

Best of all, with one subscription you can access your real-time charts from all of your devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, & smartphone.

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STUDIES & TOOLKITS - Innovative Indicators

ChartIQ comes with a massive library of over 80 technical indicators (see full list below) as well as unique technical toolkits. These include patent-pending data visualizations, putting market data where you need it - in the context of price action.

Visual Earnings™
For each future quarter, ChartIQ Price Horizon visually plots a target price based on the Estimize consensus estimate, which is more accurate than Wall Street 69.51% of the time, as well as the Wall Street consensus numbers themselves.


The ANTSSYS Trading Platform also comprises 6 key components, all of which are loaded onto the traders screen. These indicators transform the charts from a linear, complex picture to a clear, easy to comprehend story for traders of every level to easily interpret trend and identify the high probability areas to enter a trade.
1 - The SuperGuppy
An evolution of Daryl Guppy’s GMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Average) specially adapted to show trend direction on the chart.

2 - The MA Crossover
An organic development of the ANTS Suite designed to color the price bars in line with the identified direction of trend. This aids the trader visually and reduces visual workload.

3 - The Zone
A clearly defined area drawn on the chart to assist the trader with identifying an optimal trading zone in which to enter trades. This minimizes losses with false signals and maximizes entry position increasing the Reward:Risk ratio.

4 - The ANTS
The small red and green triangles on the chart at the heart of the suite of indicators. Simplified buy and sell signals.

5 - The ADR Levels
This study plots the Average Daily Range of the selected instrument as lines/levels directly on the chart. Range is a key component of probable trend activity. These levels can then be used as targets and to asses the potential Reward:Risk of a given trade.

6 - Traders ATR
Proprietary Guppy original indicator that assists in determining optimal trailing stop loss levels for trade management.

Standard Indicators
• Simple Moving Averages
• Exponential Moving Averages
• Volume / Vol Underlay
• Stochastics

Premium Indicators
• Accumulative Swing Index
• Aroon
• Aroon Oscillator
• Average True Range
• ATR Bands
• ATR Trailing Stops
• Awesome Oscillator
• Bollinger %B
• Bollinger BandWidth
• Center of Gravity
• Chaikin Volatility
• Chande Forecast Oscillator
• Change Momentum Oscillator
• Coppock Curve
• Detrended Price Oscillator
• Donchian Channel
• Donchian Width
• Ease of Movement
• Ehler Fisher Transform
• Elder Force Index
• Elder Ray
• Fractal Chaos Bands
• Fractal Chaos Oscillator
• Gopalakrishnan Range Index
• High Low Bands
• High Minus Low
• Highest High Value
• Historical Volatility
• Ichimoku Clouds
• Intraday Momentum Index
• Keltner Channel
• Klinger Volume Oscillator
• Linear Regression Forecast
• Linear Regressions Intercept
• Linear Regression R2
• Linear Regression Slope
• Lowest Low Value
• Mass Index
• Median Price
• Money Flow Index
• Moving Average Envelope
• Negative Volume Index
• On Balance Volume
• Performance Index
• Pivot Points
• Posititve Volume Index
• Pretty Good Oscillator
• Price Oscillator
• Price Rate of Change
• Price Relative
• Price Volume Trend
• Prime Number Bands
• Prime Number Oscillator
• QStick
• Random Walk Index
• Schaff Trend Cycle
• Standard Deviation
• Stochastic Momentum Index
• Swing Index
• Time Series Forecast
• Trade Volume Index
• True Range
• Twiggs Money Flow
• Typical Price
• Ultimate Oscillator
• Vertical Horizontal Filter
• Volume Oscillator
• Volume Rate of Change
• Volume Profile
• Weighted Close
• Williams%R
• Williams Accumulation / Distribution
Drawing & Annotation Tools

From trend lines to bell curves, annotations to Elliott Waves, drawings help you understand price action and track future price movement against your previous expectations. With ChartIQ, you’ll have a full toolkit of advanced drawing tools – whether you choose to draw with your fingers or a mouse.

Draw once, access anywhere – All drawings are automatically saved and synchronized as soon as you draw them. Now you can draw on and annotate you charts at the office, and check your annotated charts from your phone or tablet.

STOCKTWITS - Tweet, Post, Share

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More than 200,000 investors, market professionals and public companies share information and ideas about the market and individual stocks using StockTwits, producing streams that are viewed by an audience of over 40 million across the financial web and social media platforms.

ChartIQ is the only charting platform that includes a full StockTwits client. Anything you can do at StockTwits, you can do from within ChartIQ - all in context of the price chart. See how social sentiment reacts to - and drives - the market.
StockTwits is focused solely on investing, and their technology and staff work to filter out unrelated messages and SPAM, ensuring the remaining content is only the most valuable and relevant discussions about stocks and markets.

Style & Advanced Display Options

Every chartist has their own style, and ChartIQ allows you to customize your charts just the way you like them. From the most traditional line and bar charts, to the data-rich candle charts, ChartIQ has you covered. You can take advantage of advanced display options like ChartIQ's patent-pending gap detection and plotting, which will automatically find and shade current and historical trading gaps.
Chart Style
• Candle
• Bar
• Colored Bar
• Line
• Mountain

Advanced Options
• Flip: Remove bias from your own analysis by using chart flip view.
• Gap Detection: Automatically detect and plot current and historical trading gaps.
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Watchlists, synchronize!

Any charting tool will let you create watch lists, but only with ChartIQ are your watch lists automatically synchronized from your web browser to your tablet to your smartphone. That's right - make a change on your work PC, and your iPad and Android phone will automatically update.

Now you can quickly flip through your watch lists wherever you are, whichever device you're on.
SAVED VIEWS - One chart, many ways

No combination of indicators and timeframes works for every situation, every chart. Because of this, ChartIQ makes it quick and easy to cycle through your Saved Views - your unique combinations of chart settings, peridocitiy and indicators.

Whether you're holding a security for minutes or months, with Saved Views you can quickly find the right settings for a given chart.


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